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Hong Kong Based International Property Developers

ALFA Investors is a property agent that specialises in identifying and securing the best international real estate opportunities for our valued clients. We offer a range of high-end cosmopolitan residences in some of the world’s most iconic cities as well as exclusive lifestyle and resort options in breathtaking beachfront locations.

With more than 10 years of experience as a property developer and with an affluent client base, we are well placed to collaborate with partner developers and assist them with the sale and marketing of their properties.

ALFA Investors is adept at sourcing properties that perfectly balance value and profit considerations with those of our clients’ lifestyles. We scour the world looking for unique and outstanding property ventures in prime locations. Our expertise and experience in international property development mean we can identify a lucrative investment opportunity the moment it appears onto the market.

Our executives and agents boast a wealth of market knowledge, experience, and have a proven track record of successful acquisitions and realty developments. Our team is primed to manage and execute even the most complex transactions to suit the needs of our investors. From our Hong Kong base, our property agents work on a diverse range of portfolios, which encompass seven international locations.

Property agents who take pride in finding exclusive realty opportunities for affluent clientele

ALFA Investors takes the concept of international investment to the next level. We specialise in sourcing high calibre realty opportunities to furnish the existing portfolios of our affluent clientele. Working with us, you will receive personalised customer service from one of our expert consultants fully equipped to advise you of the latest opportunities that suit your investment interests.

The ALFA Team

Jo Lodder – ALFA Investors Managing Director

Jo Lodder started out early in the property market. His first crack came when at 18 he acquired a house and from there it marked the beginning of a long career that stretched from Spain to the booming regions of Asia. Lodder found his way to Southeast Asia, worked his magic in numerous real estate projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia before setting up shop in Hong Kong where he runs ALFA Investors as Managing Director

Along the way, Lodder picked up valuable experiences that equipped him with the expertise to act as the reliable point man in Asia for property developers and owners. Lodder’s vast knowledge of the property market in the region makes for an invaluable tool, for instance, to package resort properties as surefire investment vehicles. In line with this, Lodder has provided the lead for clients to gain business intelligence in market positioning, brand identity, marketing and sales through to financing and contracts.

In ALFA Investors, Lodder leads a team of property professionals in mapping out strategic marketing strategies to enable successful sales. Under his supervision, the company, which operates from Hong Kong, the mainland China and the UK, provides the most authoritative investment advice on some of Asia’s most exemplary and profitable developments.

To date, Lodder’s works include successful conceptualization and sales on Samui Code and Lanna Samui in Thailand; Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia; Shaja Sawah Resort in Bali, Indonesia and many more resort and villa projects throughout the region.

Alexander Knight – ALFA Investors Marketing Director

Alexander Knight is the go-to man for companies looking to establish readily recognizable presence and subsequently grow their business in Asia. Knight takes pride of his 25 years of prolific media and marketing experience that saw him building network in the UK, Russia, China and Southeast Asia. Currently operating from Singapore, Knight provides professional sales and marketing guidance to companies wanting to enhance their visibility and boost profitability.

Knight has worked with leading brands across the world to get their products sold to the right people. His solid assurance to clients – he will steer companies in the right direction to produce the best results. Knight is convinced he can find someone to buy more or less anything, mostly thanks to his ready access to select markets in Asia and Europe.

In ALFA Investors, Alex takes the lead in identifying property growth areas for optimal property investment opportunities. By pointing to properties still on their nascent growth curve and with Knight providing sales and marketing expertise, the company assures the promise of investment returns. Alex can be reached in Singapore on +6593367266