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Why invest in Japan?

The simple and probably the best answer that one could get is the country’s potent economy, which is among the most robust in the world, and therefore the mighty assurance of future gains. Japan is a consistent top-performer and has always been open for investment, and coupled with security, stability and an efficient bureaucracy the Asian giant is no doubt a haven for property investors.

In the past years, Japan did not shy away from instituting fiscal reforms that all the more made the country investor-friendly. The country’s economic managers made efforts to build up a policy governance that embraces a generally unimpeded investment inflow – a sound practice that certainly is in effect in the property sector. Consequently, economists are upbeat that the Japanese market has become ever more attractive, boasting of prospective catalysts for growth on the horizon.

Specifically in the real estate market, Japan encourages foreign investments by providing ample legal support and ready access to financial facilities. Owning a house in the Land of the Rising Sun, with assistance from the government, can be a worthy investment. For many expats, owning a property in Japan is likely the best way to experience the country’s unique and rich culture. At the same time, it will prompt for better opportunities to open up.

Spectacular Tourism Growth in Japan

Tourism in Japan has been exciting in the past years. The country has recorded around 20 million visitors in 2016 and the government, buoyed by the outstanding trend, set a target of 40 million tourist arrivals by 2020 in time for the winter Olympics. In support of the expanding tourism industry, the government has been providing support in the form of:

  • The government has earmarked 6.2 trillion yen to fund the planned infrastructures that will see completion by 2020.
  • A new law was passed that legalized casinos in December 2016, and integrated resorts should be operational by 2022.
  • Japan has encouraged the inflow of more visitors from neighboring countries by relaxing visas for  China, Philippines,  Vietnam,  India,  Brunei,  Indonesia,  Malaysia,  South  Korea,  Singapore,  Thailand,  Hong  Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
  • Bullet trains will soon arrive in Niseko as part of the service’s expansion to Hokkaido. A planned train stop in Kutchan Station will further reduced travel time between Tokyo and Niseko to 5 hours.




 Japan is winter and summer haven

And there is no stopping the incredible growth pace as Japan continues to benefit from the constantly expanding Asian economies. The country has forecasted of further surge in tourist arrivals in the coming years:

  • By 2020, tourist arrivals in Japan are expected to reach 30 million, and the numbers are seen to double by 2013.
  • Repeat visits to Japan hit about 10 million in 2016, part of the total 24 million people that flew in to the country by the end of the year. Majority of the tourists came from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.
  • In Niseko alone, which is considered as Japan’s finest ski resort destination, tourist arrivals hit a high of 1.6 million and Japanese tourism authorities are upbeat that Niseko will continue to draw in millions in the years to come.

The ski season in Niseko saw record arrivals in the past 11 years, logging in around tenfold increase from 2006. The record year was in 2015 when more than 800,000 holiday makers visited the winter and summer haven. Local authorities are expecting that the numbers will be breached soon.

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