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Discover Investment Property Opportunities in Cebu

Cebu is the dominant and most prosperous region outside Metro Manila acting as the nation’s second most important business hub. 56% percent of Metro Cebu’s total economic output is due to industry. Services account for 36%. As a mountainous island, agriculture accounts for only 8% of its output. Many foreign investors are choosing to buy investment property in Cebu to capitalise on the island’s astounding economic growth and well established tourism industry. The Tambuli Seaside Livingdevelopment offered by ALFA Investors is a fantastic real estate investment opportunity for those looking to add this stunning island to their portfolio.

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Cebu City

Residential property investment opportunities

Cebu is a prosperous city with growing middle and upper classes. Known colloquially as ‘Ceboom’ for the province’s impressive economic development, Cebu attracts many professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to capitalise on the island’s strategic position, natural resources and accessibility. All of these factors combine to create a strong market for residential real estate investment.

Resort property investment opportunities

With stunning natural resources and a strong cultural scene, Cebu is one of the great attractions of the Philippines and strategic resort property investment in this area can be very lucrative provided it’s done intelligently. The island has a lot to offer in the way of ecotourism with white sand beaches and world class dive sites where it’s possible to swim with whale sharks. Cebu city and the towns around the island also have much to offer culturally, with lively bars and eateries.

Cebu Beaches

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International accessibility adds further value to your real estate investment

  • 15 Kilometres from Cebu City
  • 20 Minutes from Mactan-Cebu International Airport
  • There are a number of international airlines offering direct flights to Cebu including:
  • Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong
  • Singapore Airlines (Silk Air) from Singapore
  • Malaysia Airlines offers flights from Kuala Lumpur via Kota Kinabalu.
  • Philippine Airlines offers direct flights from Narita Japan and Hong Kong as well as 14 other international destinations via its Cebu Express Program.
  • Middle East: Qatar Airlines and Gulf Air offers direct flights from the Gulf. They offer excellent connections to Europe, Africa and America.