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Bang Saray Chic Condominium

An elegant, boutique style, “Eco” development" from US$75,000

Bang Saray Chic Condominium

Eco-friendly and chic condo units in Bang Saray from US$79K

The development project is set to rise and redefine the premium standard of living in Bang Saray, located east of Thailand. As a whole, the property will boast of comfortable living, contemporary design and luxurious exclusivity. At the same time, it will aspire to protect the immediate surroundings – its design features and facilities all attuned to preserve and conserve the environment. And right in the confines of the property premises, residents and visitors will have ready access to wellness and communal facilities plus in-house services that will make them feel exceptionally at home.

The structure will be built near the Thailand Eastern Seaboard and will stand just 400 metres from the Sandy Beach, a summer hideaway that is widely regarded as among the most beautiful in the whole Bang Saray coastal stretch. When completed, the project is advertised as the new benchmark for high-end residential living in the area.

Key Project Specifications

The project’s basic design is that of a low rise condominium that gives a slice of premium living in Bang Saray, Thailand. The property will consist of 64 luxe condo units that will be made available in the following configurations:

  • Studio Type [23-29sqm]
  • 1 Bedroom [40-46sqm]
  • 2 Bedroom [43-76sqm]

Residential Facilities

  • Rooftop Saltwater Infinity Pool with Waterfall
  • Herbal Steam Room
  • Sauna
  • Fitness Centre

  • Health Cafe with Communal Working Space
  • Communal Garden
  • Communal Bicycles
  • Sky Garden
  • Yoga Pavilion

High-end Design Features

  • Passive Environmental Design
  • Natural Ventilation System
  • Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances
  • Thermal Efficient Cladding
  • Rainwater Collection System
  • Recycling System

Perfect Location

From the project site, it will be a short drive from Bangkok’s International Airport in Suvarnabhumi, the ride lasting no more than an hour and a half. The property can be found in Bang Saray, a peaceful village that is part of Thailand’s Eastern seaboard. Perhaps attributed to its perfect location, the property naturally affords residents and visitors the world-famous summer holiday experience in Bang Saray, boasting of the nearly untouched stretch of beaches and a generous variety of Asian seafood.

In recent years, Bang Saray has seen a booming economy that is reflected by the rise of luxury housing developments and the subsequent emergence of bars and restaurants in great numbers. Notwithstanding such fast-paced progress, the Thai village remains an attraction for holidaymakers looking to get a taste of the authentic Thailand vacation.

Condo Feature Highlights

When it opens its doors, the condo building will be among the most modern residential properties in the east of Thailand. The property will be constructed fostering the vision of sustainable development while at the same time providing a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

  • The Rooftop Infinity Pool stuns with its sunken loungers and a unique waterfall. Instead of a typical chlorine system, the pool makes use of a saltwater system that according to scientific researches has better health benefits since salt water pools are much gentler on the eyes and skin.

  • The project gives top priority on health and wellness and ensures that the property enjoys lush gardens and a quiet atmosphere. The on-site Health Café will only serve healthy but delicious foods, and in with the teeming natural features residents and guests get a slice of a luxurious lifestyle, redefined.
  • The lighting and appliances to be used will be energy efficient. For example, only LEDs will light up the building, inside and out, while all electric devices will be compliant to Energy Label No. 5, which indicates reduced energy consumption. In addition, the external garden and rooftop lighting will operate on solar energy, further ensuring of the lower electricity bill.
  • To save water, building and unit bathrooms will utilise eco-friendly flush toilets and low-flow faucets that were designed to cut down water consumption. Also, the built-in Rainwater Collection System ensures that only a small amount of naturally-sourced water goes to waste.
  • When it comes to accessibility, the condo residence is certainly easy to reach. Bang Saray is just a 90-minute flight to and from Bangkok, or when coming from and headed to Pattaya or the U-Tapao Airport the air travel will only take 20 minutes. In getting in and around Bang Saray, tourists can take advantage of the free shuttle service or ride on a bike, which is the best way to explore the area. Likewise, on the transport list are the numerous beach and Pattaya shuttle services.

Worthy Investment

Why invest NOW in Asia’s property market

  • Declining global interest rates have increased demand for income generating assets
  • The markets in South East Asia are rapidly growing, prompting an increase in the value of properties
  • The overseas property provides significant tax benefits compared with domestic assets
  • Thailand’s property market favors strong capital gains
  • Overseas resort destinations yield a higher investment return
  • A diverse property portfolio allows for reduced risk from financial and geopolitical crisis

Asia is an investment haven because

  • Seven of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies found in the region
  • The region has mostly robust currencies
  • Huge potentials in terms of sustainable growth
  • World-class tourism destinations
  • Low level of debts
  • Locals and expats alike enjoy the high purchasing power

And why Bang Saray is a magnet for investment

  • Thailand’s fastest growing resort destination with an efficient transport network
  • Increased regional growth set to be driven by the ASEAN Economic Zone
  • Saturated Pattaya market means more investors redirected to Bang Saray
  • High demand and limited supply guarantee strong rental yields
  • Full rental management service and structured investment strategies
  • Government infrastructure investments in the region to boost property
  • Pre-launch pricing and affordable payment terms offer scale and affordability
  • Strategic location close to world-class tourist attractions
  • Expansion of U-Tapao Airport is boosting tourism in the region
  • Strict zoning regulations discourage over-development
  • Thai government actively promotes Bang Saray as a key destination

Ownership/Purchase Process

  • Review Project
  • Buyer pick condo unit
  • Sign up for Reservation Form
  • Make Reservation Payment
  • Review and Sign Contract
  • Pay initial Down Payment
  • Installment Payments
  • Inspection of Completed Units
  • Final Payment
  • Condo Unit Turnover