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Koh Samui

Buy a Gorgeous Beachside Investment Property in Koh Samui

It’s hard not to fall in love with the untouched beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant sunsets of this little slice of paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s natural attractions like these which have helped Koh Samui become a popular eco-tourism destination and a lucrative investment opportunity in both the residential and resort property sectors.

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The third largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui is able to accommodate the needs of every kind of traveller. The island has well established infrastructure which includes an international airport with flights from Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Mainland China. The island also has several world class hospitals which makes Koh Samui a popular medical tourism destination. In terms of more traditional tourism attractions, the list is almost infinite and extends from watersports and eco-tourism to gourmet dining and golf.

With its breathtaking combination of tranquil palm fringed beaches and lush mountainous rainforest regions, it’s not hard to see why the island is fast becoming a preferred destination for high end tourist resorts and spas.

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Koh Samui is what is known as a sympathetically developed holiday destination. Located 35 km off the east coast of Surat Thani Province in the Gulf of Thailand, the island has been developed to preserve its unique natural beauty and complement it with world class holiday services.

Koh Samui caters to a wide range of holidaying styles; from buzzing nightlife to laidback beach culture, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to enjoying oneself. The diversity of the island is why it has been identified by entrepreneurs as having so much potential in terms of real estate investment.

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Koh Samui is the kind of place people imagine when the words ‘tropical paradise’ are mentioned. With untouched white beaches fringed with lush palms, stunning panoramic sea views, a gentle sunny climate, and the famous Thai hospitality, there are few places that let you relax and enjoy the simple things in quite the way that this island does.

In fact, numerous travellers have recognised the hypnotic appeal of this exotic island and it has been rated one of the world’s top ten island destinations by Condé Nast Readers and won Trip Advisor’s Travelers Choice Award for the Most Romantic Island Destination.

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The island has no shortage of exclusive resort experiences and its reputation for luxury and leisure continues to attract high-end brands and hotel chains.

The transport options on the island further add to its appeal with an international airport that receives daily flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok. Quality infrastructure like the ring road makes it simple to travel once you arrive.

Pristine beaches and islands make this the perfect place for both resort and residential developments

An impossibly perfect island paradise, Koh Samui has an intrinsic appeal that draws travellers from all walks of life. For those looking to buy an investment property, there are few locations on the planet with the kind of potential and appeal that this island does.

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Koh Samui is surrounded by more than 60 smaller islands that are variously inhabited by locals or preserved in an unspoiled natural state. Many of the islands boast pristine coral reefs and vibrant sea life which makes them perfect for diving and snorkeling expeditions. Accessing these places takes no more than an hour or so by boat and island hopping is a popular pastime amongst travellers to the region. Investors in The Beach Samui have easy access to these natural wonders with free use of a private speed boat.


The Executive Vice President of the Hotels and Hospitality Group at JLL predicts that the island will continue to emerge over the next few years as Thailand’s premier luxury resort destination.

Providing the developer has a proven track record, resort property investment is proving to be a lucrative niche in the modern hotel apartment portfolio. However, it is important that each potential investor seek individualised advice before making a definitive decision on any piece of real estate investment.

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The trading performance of hotels on the island remained strong in 2017.  Increased flights to the island from key tourist sources such as Greater China substantially increased the demand for accommodation on the island, with some 1.25 million passengers arriving at Samui International airport. 

This continuing growth is especially astonishing given it was in the wake of Thailand’s political upheaval which affected markets around the country. Upscale resorts came out trumps from this situation with increased occupancy and substantial room-rate growth. Truly there is nothing which can contend with Koh Samui’s booming tourism economy.

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Tourism to the island comes primarily from Western Europe with arrivals from Germany and UK, however the Asian market has continued to grow and is beginning to be a strong influence on the island’s industry despite having a shorter average length of stay. The combination of European and regional tourism mitigates seasonal fluctuations and allows for substantially more room-night occupancies.

The island’s tourism market benefits from a passive hotel pipeline and controlled airlift. One highly attractive development that has attracted the interest of property investors around the world is a 21-key boutique resort property called The Beach Samui (Absolute World Group).

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All things considered, this remote island has a wealth of potential for savvy investors looking to add to their hotel portfolio. To learn more about the resort investment property we have available on the island, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling +852 2110 8712 or using the online enquiry form.