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10 Things To Do In Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket is a paradise in Thailand and known as well as the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. Tourists who have experienced Phuket are quick to declare there never will be a dull moment in the island, which nearly is the same size of tiny Singapore but is bursting with unlimited possibilities. Truth is, it’s easy to forge unforgettable memories in Phuket as the island boasts of a compelling history, a rich and unique culture, and endless amount of epic attractions.

When in Phuket, one can truly live life to the fullest and below are some of the exciting things to do so:

Island And Beach Hopping

For many, visiting Phuket lead them to the default destinations such as the popular beaches of Kata, Karon and Patong. The more adventurous, however, will want to explore the island’s lush rainforests, limestone karts and in the process discover the more pristine beaches of Kata Noi, Nai Thon and Surin.

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To take on such an adventure though, it’s a must to find a trusted local guide and to rent a vehicle (on this a motorbike is preferred) to make for an easy task of moving around the island.

Marvel At The Viewpoints

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While heading from one destination to another, get ready to be astonished at how gorgeous Phuket is and the best way to do this is to check the various viewpoints found on the island, among them Ya Nui, Khao Rang, Radar Hill and Kata Noi. But the most popular of the lot is the Karon Viewpoint where one can admire from a distance the breath-taking view of the Andaman Sea and a few other bays.

Discover The Waterfalls

Probing deep into the Phuket jungle, the trek will reveal the wonders of nature in the form of mini waterfalls that invite for a refreshing dip. Listed as must-see in this elite bunch of rarely explored tourist destinations are the following: Bang Pae Waterfall, Lampi Waterfall, Sri Phang Nga National Park, Tonsai Waterfall, Kathu Waterfall, and Ton Prai Waterfall.

Big Buddha

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The Thai culture is an automatic magnet to the curious mind and the best way to appreciate is to allow a feast for the eyes. On this, none can match admiring the majestic Big Buddha in Phuket that can be found at the top of Mt. Nagakerd in Karon.

Apart from getting overwhelmed by the imposing figure, seeing the Big Buddha on its elevated location also affords a commanding vista of Phuket’s southern tip.

Thai Cuisine

From feeding the senses, one is best served by biting into the mouth-watering Thai cuisine that many consider as among the best in world. However, many more will agree that Thai food is even better when self-prepared and this is made possible by the abundance of cooking lessons around Phuket.

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To be sure, in just a few sessions of these delightful lectures, one will easily whip magic and assemble his or her own take of the irresistible Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup.

Old Phuket Town

What Phuket was like from decades back will be generously revealed by visiting the island’s old town centre, a fun mission that will require roughly a half-day of going around the streets. Keen observers will readily notice the fusion of Chinese and Portuguese influences on the several mansions that lined up the roads, along with shop houses and eateries excited to welcome buyers and visitors.

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The old town is unveiled at its full glory every Sundays via the Phuket Walking Street tour that travellers described as an immersive cultural experience.

Night Markets

From discovering a piece of Phuket history, a great segue would be the night markets where food, souvenir items and even some form of entertainment come unbelievably cheap. Night markets in Phuket are aplenty and tourists love the idea of scoring good deals while shopping in the evening, which provides a relatively more relaxing atmosphere even in the hottest of days.

More Late Night Adventures

If energy remains high following the night market stop, then the next destination has to be the Bangla Road in Patong. The trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that calls for an open mind in order to better appreciate what the colourful place, which gets more alive and kicking deep into the night, has to offer.

Elephant Sanctuaries

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Seeing wildlife up-close and personal is made possible in Phuket by the elephant sanctuaries that can be found around the island. Visiting any of these tourist attractions afford the opportunity to closely interact with the gentle giant, surely a welcome break from the more worldly pleasures that Phuket has to offer.

Phuket Temples

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For those in search of spiritual experience, the island’s Buddhist temples are likely to give some form of satisfactions. The most popular and prominent of the lot is the Wat Chalong that originally was named Wat Chaitararam when constructed in the 19th century. Thousands regularly visit the temple that is renowned for its stunning decorations and riveting history, the latter regarded as its more interesting allure.