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2018 Winter Is Coming Earlier Than Usual In Niseko As Hokkaido Welcomes August Snow Sneak Peek

The chance is high the winter festivities will happen earlier than expected in Niseko this 2018. The air temperature in the world-famous ski resort town has supposedly dropped as reports pointed to the first sign of the snow’s imminent arrival in Hokkaido.

“On 17 August the first dustings of snow were recorded on the peak of Mt Kurodake, located in central Hokkaido and one of the highest peaks on the island,” Niseko United said in a new blog report.

The event strongly suggested that Japan’s northernmost region will be greeting the cooler season ahead of schedule. Normally, the first snow drops happen in late September as was the case last 2017 so the Siberian winds blowing earlier, though still weak, only indicate that the winter season might be happening a bit earlier this year.

And that could only mean fun times in Niseko will get unleashed in advance.

Welcome Hatsuyuki

The first snow, known in this part of Japan as hatsuyuki, ushers in the winter holidays and in Niseko the white season of japow will officially begin around the end of September. As soon as the peak of Mt Yotei starts displaying spots of white that expands by the day then the countdown to winter will commence ticking.

According to the same report, “The air cools right down, especially in the evenings and overnight. Leaves start turning colour and it really feels like winter is knocking.”

The snowfall will pick up in pace the following month of October and by November the whole of Niseko will be blanketed in powdery white snow. The villages around Mt Annupuri will then start registering below zero temperature.

Inevitably, the Niseko ski runs will be covered in snow thus signalling of another winter season that surely will be far from gloomy. Winter is coming and it will be an epic stretch of exciting winter activities beginning in November and likely lasting March or April next year.

Best To Book Early

If indeed winter will descend on Niseko earlier than anticipated, visitors are advised to plan their tour now and secure booking accommodations to avoid the holiday rush.

In an advisory, Niseko United said if the amount of snowfall would prove sufficient for winter sports the ski resorts in the area will be opening their doors no later than December 1. In the case of Grand Hirafu and Annupuri, it will be busy business as early as November 22.

Heading to Niseko in early December will prove perfect and convenient for vacationers wanting to avoid the flood of crowd that is normal occurrence during Christmastime each year.

“From Christmas onwards is peak season when everyone wants to visit and the resort is full. But if you can plan a trip in early December you can beat the rush,” Niseko United said.

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