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5 Holiday Destinations In Asia Where The Dollar Goes A Long Way

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Seeing and experiencing the wonders of the world need not break the bank. The U.S. dollar is at its strongest in years and for many travellers that translate to an opportune time – the best moment for anyone to go and visit the finest attractions the planet has to offer. And on this, the travel compass decidedly points to Asia.

The region, after all, offers the best when it comes to gorgeous and stunning vacation spots, then unlimited possibilities for the adventurous type and most importantly, the highest value for money. In Asia, the dollar certainly goes a long way, and below are five of the finest holiday destinations where the best deals can be found:


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The spread out islands of Indonesia will be hard to cover on a limited time but for travellers looking for the best bang for the buck, the Southeast Asian is among the best option. Getting around by bus is relatively cheap – hopping from one place to another distant destination will normally cost no more than $20. If the need to get on a plane arises, the fare can be as low as $50, one-way.

In the same way, the cost of food is surprisingly pocket-friendly as decent meals can be had starting at $15.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Tens of millions of foreign tourists make their way to Thailand and for compelling reasons. First, the country is inarguably a haven for holidaymakers, which is especially true during summer time. Simply put, Thai beaches are just hard to beat.

But the best part about Thailand, like exploring its entirety, is enjoying it doesn’t require one to spend a fortune. In Bangkok, for instance, a metro railway trip will only cost $1.50 at the maximum while a bus ride is about a quarter of the dollar.

For food expenses, shelling out $5 will lead to a satisfactory meal and for lodging needs, a nice accommodation is ready to be occupied in exchange for just $40.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Think of Mount Everest and the Himalayas, and Nepal instantly comes to mind. However, frequent visitors to the country can attest to the fact that its attractions extend beyond the breath-taking mountain ranges and the world’s highest peak. Nepal also takes pride on its flavourful cuisine that anyone can bite into for as low as $2.

Staying for a stretch is no problem as well as budget hotels are in bountiful supply and therefore cheap. One can score a room for only $5.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Tourists yearning to dig deeper on Asia’s rich culture will surely get great satisfaction stopping by in Cambodia. Heading out to the temples of Angkor exactly on the purpose is a plan bargain, costing only $15 or even less. And like its neighbouring nations in the region, Cambodia is starting to emerge as one of the better places to get incredibly delicious foods. Servings are generous and cheap – for as low as $3 on a good restaurant.

There are many places to stay when in Cambodia and they’re affordable too, starting at $4.

Sri Lanka

Having an emerging and booming economy further put Sri Lanka on the radar of international tourists. The island nation is readily accessible. In fact, covering the whole country can be completed in matter of days and the transportation cost is easy on the pocket. A long-distance bus ride, say from the north tip to the south of the island, can be as low as $20. Car rental is also available and the fee is usually no more than $80 per day.

There are resorts that take in guests for $20 a day and the accommodation includes access to in-house cafés. Tourists sleeping or having meals on the beach is not unusual. But one of the most tempting attraction is Sri Lanka is the local cuisine that is served with smile for as low as $2.