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ALFA Investors Site Visit with The Plantation Developers Team in Sri Lanka

ALFA Investors managing director Jo Lodder has met up with the developer team responsible for The Plantation in Galle, Sri Lanka. Apart from getting together with the husband-and-wife team of Dale Rennie and Sabrina Van Cleef, Lodder also explored what the country has to offer beyond The Plantation.

“It’s just an amazing place. One of the best places I’ve ever been,” Lodder said while touring around Galle with Rennie, who led the Total Ceylon Investment Pvt. Ltd. team that planned and built up The Plantation. Van Cleef Ault, the creative head for Total Ceylon, was likewise around to welcome the ALFA executive.

Also, Lodder had the chance to personally meet Manjula Kalhara. Currently regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s most celebrated and sought after architects, Kalhara is the design genius behind The Plantation. The architect’s design signature is evident on his Galle resort creation and previously seen in his catalog of works that boast of boutique, city hotels and important heritage sites.

Sunrise at Galle

Jo with architect Manjula Kalhara

Meeting up with the team

The view from the plantation offices

Left to right: Sabrina Van Cleef, Manjula Kalhara, Dale Rennie, Jo Lodder, Novy Lodder

Jo enjoying some vintage moments in Galle Fort