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ALFA Sponsor of Hong Kong Polo Team Singapore Open Winners

Sunday 15 May 2016

The Hong Kong Polo Team (HKPT) has won the final of the Singapore Polo Open 2016. Following on from three phenomenal wins earlier on in the competition, HKPT made history today with a final score of 9 1⁄2 – 9 beating Garcha Hotels in a five chukka match. The win truly marked the return of polo back to Hong Kong.

ALFA Group is proud to be a team sponsor of HKPT and were represented at the Singapore Polo Open by CEO and Founder Anton Webb who was delighted to host some of our ALFA Investors Singapore clients.

Patrick Furlong (CAPT) described the day as:

“The biggest win so far since we established the first ever Hong Kong Polo Team in 2013 – we have never played at this level before, 4-6 goals and WINNING such a prestigious Asian tournament. Player Shane Boyd gave the HONG KONG POLO TEAM a much more balanced format with a virtually un-breakable wall at the back. Over the two week tournament our team played a much more structured game than our opponents, with players Lynly Fong leading the attack, Isabelle Larenaudie doing tireless work to create space for me as Captain, to control the game and take us to a WIN for HONG KONG.”

The winning HKPT team was helmed by Patrick Furlong (CAPT), with Shane Boyd, Lynly Fong, Jonathan Gabler and Isabelle Larenaudie.


Patrick Furlong (CAPT) (2g)
Shane Boyd (2g)
Lynly Fong (0g)
Jonathan Gabler (0g)
Isabelle Larenaudie (0g)
Raphael Le Manse de Chermont (0g) Anna Lowdnes (-1g)



HKPT 9 1⁄2 V Garcha Hotels 9 FINAL WINNING SCORE
HKPT 7 1⁄2 V Garcha Hotels 7 WIN
HKPT 5 V Royal Salute 1 WIN | HKPT 8 V Royal Salute 3 WIN

Dave Savage, President of Asia World Polo highlighted the moment:

“We were privileged to be invited to compete in the Singapore Open Tournament over the last two weeks. We came in as the underdogs and who have yet no polo grounds in Hong Kong, set the tournament on fire by winning our first three matches to catapult us into the final on Sunday. 500 VIP guests turned out to support the final and it all came down to a nail biting 22 seconds. With a breathtaking break from Isabelle Larenaudie on the HK Team, the seconds ticking down with Satinder Garcha three goal Patron of the Garcha Hotels Team chasing her down, Isabelle scored a difficult angled shot that decided the tournament with passion, commitment and style. This marks a significant victory for the HKPT at a blue ribboned international polo event and sets the bar much higher than ever done before.

We must thank our loyal sponsors Jaeger-LeCoultre, VULT, Macey & Sons, Aquila, Alfa Group, St. Regis, Connexion D’Art, Boujis, Legends Socks, Champagne Armand de Brignac ‘Ace of Spades’ and JetSolution for coming with us on this unique journey, for their unstoppable belief and support of our goals.”


5th – 6th August 2016 | Korea Polo Club, Korea
10th -11th September 2016 | Jakarta Hong Kong Challenge Cup
3rd – 4th December 2016 | Thailand



Jaeger-LeCoultre VULT
Macey & Sons
Aquila | Official Sports Apparel Sponsor
Alfa Group | Main Team Sponsor
St. Regis | Hotel Partner
Connexion d’Art | Communications Luxury Sponsor Boujis | After Dark Event Partner

Legend Sports Socks | Official Technical Footwear Sponsor Champagne Armand de Brignac ‘Ace of Spades’ | Champagne Sponsor JetSolutions | Aviation Partner


Game One of the 2016 Season at Hong Kong Challenge Cup 2016: Alabang Country Club. Final score line showed a 4-5 goal advantage to HKPT within two chukkas for day one.

NEW FOR 2016

Plans for a HK Town Club, Polo Club in Nansha (near Guangdong/Shenzhen border) are in play together with onward discussions regarding a suitable site for Hong Kong Polo Club and Riding Centre. The Hong Kong Polo Association are fully supportive of Asia World Polo’s and HKPT’s efforts to promote the return of polo to Hong Kong as the officially governing body and encouraging new and existing players to support the cause. The HKPT continues to support the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), a charitable cause and furthers its commitment to young riders. Recently Benjamin Aubanton, Jaeger-LeCoultre presented a cheque for $141,000 HKD on bahalf of the HKPT.


ASIA WORLD POLO brought Polo back to Hong Kong in October 2014 together with a world-class line up of partners establishing the first ever Hong Kong Polo Team for the world-class city. Following the Hong Kong team’s season warm-up match in Thailand in November 2014, they marked the start of the Hong Kong Challenge Cup tour with a thrilling win in Singapore against the experienced Singapore Polo Team.

The last time Polo was played formerly in Hong Kong was under British rule, however, it was played for hundreds of years in China during the Tang Dynasty to celebrate success and to teach warriors the art of horsemanship.

ASIA WORLD POLO LTD are thrilled to have begun re-igniting the sport of kings in Hong Kong.

“Our intention is to raise awareness of this incredible sport, build a new community fan base and to ultimately reintroduce the exciting sport of polo into Hong Kong through events whilst catalysing the development of a Hong Kong Polo Club.” David Savage, Asia World Polo Ltd.

The HONG KONG POLO TEAM comprises of long-term residents and local nationals. In November 2015 the team celebrated a full season of play at St Regis Polo After Dark. The event raised $141,000 for Riding for the Disabled (RDA) in a thrilling auction staged by Macey & Sons at Boujis Hong Kong. Attended by word class sponsors and live performances.