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FREE EBOOK: Guide to Buying Property in Thailand

As the most popular destination in Southeast Asia, the love that Thailand gets from foreign visitors is well-deserved. The kingdom is a natural attraction being a one-stop destination for that quest to search for fresh cultural, spiritual and ecological riches in the region.

In addition, Thailand easily connects and credit goes to the Thai people that are always willing to welcome guests with a ready smile. The country is a world-class holiday destination that visitors fall in love to with great ease, and part of the reason is the inexpensive cost of living. In the event they decide to stay for good, the options to do so and the subsequent benefits are just aplenty.

Foreign ownership of property in Thailand is entirely possible through freehold and leasehold, and any of the routes lead to direct ownership. So the buyer is assured of an investment that is well safeguarded. How exactly the whole process unfolds, this eBook provides the general overview. This guide points to the various steps of the purchase procedure that eventually leads to the property acquisition and the realisation of taking residence in a country with unlimited possibilities of fun and adventure. And that essentially is living the good but notably more affordable life.

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