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It’s Green Season In Niseko And The Boom Stays On: Fun Things To Do During Summertime

Photo Credit: GaijinPot Blog

The good news – it is the blooming season for the stunning Sakura or Cherry Blossom trees in Niseko, which indicates summertime is all set to explode. However, the ski resort city’s famed Powder Season has come to an end, temporarily, as winter is all but gone. The fun-time though never stops as the receding snow in Niseko reveals a new landscape and with it tons of great things to do.

When the snow melts away, Niseko morphs into an entirely different world and the city becomes even more alive. The warmer weather condition is just perfect for a holiday vacation that according to Niseko Resort, “there is an endless number of outdoor activities on offer.”

What’s in store for holidaymakers will certainly excite the senses of both the young and old. There are loads of activities to get busy with – like things to fire up the adrenaline or simply to just let the time pass slowly. Whatever pursuit the mind has, Niseko is more than able to accommodate and it doesn’t even matter if it is winter or summer season.

Summer The Niseko Way

To pump up summer in Niseko, there are two options to go for. First is canyoning in Hanazono that is divided in sections of slow flowing river and more turbulent. The latter offers greater challenges to visitors but also means that the adventure moments are at higher level.

The reward for the hard work is the chance to admire first-hand the breath-taking Lion Falls, and if the flesh and spirt are willing, take the plunge on the refreshing water below.

Equally stimulating is rafting that in the immediate end of winter season translates to exhilarating journey on the river, thanks to the melting snow that transforms into rushing water. But in the summer months of June and July, rafting gets easier that even kids can safely take part on the fun.

For a more relaxing mode of experiencing summer in Niseko, the best way is to witness how green the ski resort city can be. This can be done by exploring the woods around the Niseko Village or go on two wheels, a mountain bike for instance, and take the road or off-road to gradually unwrap what the town and its surrounding areas have in store.

Or check out how pristine the grass is in the absence of snow by visiting Niseko’s well-kept golf courses. From golfing, one can proceed to an on Onsen or hot spring bath and feast on the local servings that during summer benefit from fresh produces.

All told, Niseko indeed is a compelling spot both for summer and winter vacationers. Per Niseko Resort, “there is much more to Niseko than winter,” and the following months leading to November, when the powdery snow starts setting in again, will prove just that.