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Jewel In Koh Samui: Interior Design Redefined Courtesy Of Orchid House Island Boutique

Photo Credit: Orchid House Island Boutique | Jill Greenshaw-Davis

Koh Samui never runs out of fresh air, and the new things just waiting to be discovered. One fine example is the Orchid House Island Boutique that opened its doors recently on Bangrak Beach – an emerging tourist sanctuary spot in Thailand – but is already generating waves. Testament to this is the boutique’s satisfied customers that grow rapidly.

And among the Orchid House’s expanding fan base is Jo Lodder, Managing Director of ALFA Investors. Lodder is firm on his stirring endorsement of the magical craft shared by store owners Natalie Stevenson and Glen Morgan: “They have the most amazing furniture shop in Koh Samui.”

Orchid House, in fact, is an ALFA partner. According to Lodder, the store has provided gorgeous furniture to several projects handled by the company in Koh Samui. The collaboration translated to already stunning villas further amplified – magically transformed by the distinct design philosophy espoused by Stevenson and Morgan.

Interior Design With Personal Touch

Photo Credit: Orchid House Island Boutique | Jill Greenshaw-Davis

The creative duo operate on the strong belief that interior design needs a fresh approach – one “that incorporates clients’ tastes and vision into a seamless design plan that offers both warmth and functionality in key living spaces.” At the same time, the services rendered must remain fairly accessible. When dealing with clients, Stevenson and Morgan keep the price tag at reasonable levels or in many cases, simply affordable.

The main focus for Orchid House, which essentially serves as extension to Stevenson and Morgan’s company called Orchid House Design & Interiors, is to deliver what the clients intrinsically desire for their home. That is “to achieve that holistic finished look that blends architectural design, light, colour and beautiful, but practical interiors.”

Photo Credit: Orchid House Island Boutique | Jill Greenshaw-Davis

Also, the shop make sure that the products on display will remind Koh Samui tourists, both local and expats, of the island paradise’s compelling charm, which is life in a tranquil environment. That is why the materials used for making the Orchid House furniture are characterised by natural fibres and weaves, recycled hardwoods, monochrome decorative items and touches of seaside colours.

In everything that the shop sells, the prevailing theme suggests of air, light and space – key elements that naturally conjure up a tropical vibe.

The Koh Samui Spirit

Photo Credit: Orchid House Island Boutique | Jill Greenshaw-Davis

The core purpose of the business, according to Stevenson and Morgan, is to eternally remind of the genuine Koh Samui charm, which they described as a mixture of exclusivity, luxury and serenity. But the intention to disrupt and innovate (in order to make a lasting impact) on the Thai island remains.

“We wanted to bring something fresh and new to the island,” the two said, noting too that the general Orchid Design speaks of the travels they’ve made through the years. A piece of furniture, for instance, will likely represent a place they had visited in the past but the basic function is certainly embedded for island living.

“We would like to incorporate island style items from all over the world to offer some different choices to our clients,” the couple added, explaining that doing so is essential to stay sustainable and relevant in a business that is part of a niche market.

Photo Credit: Orchid House Island Boutique | Jill Greenshaw-Davis

The relevant part Stevenson and Morgan plan to adhere to by introducing fresh items on regular basis “to ensure there is variation in the products available to our regular clientele.”

Such is the plan for Orchid House because the store owners are convinced they operate in world where the only constant is a shifting trend. “The world of interior design is similar to fashion, in that it’s ever-changing and evolving,” the two designers said.

And they intend to keep up by bringing over to Koh Samui “detail items” that suit for the season in effect, and by making sure that Orchid House Island Boutique “has something for everyone.”