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Koh Samui Is An Exceptional Vacation Experience – Here’s Why

The fun never stops in Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island that also happens to afford a commanding view of the Gulf of Siam. Experiencing what Samui has to offer is best described as both unique and exceptional.

The Tongsai Bay, for instance, is a delightful treat that abounds with nearly unlimited surprises. According to The Daily Mail, the place itself is majestic, where the sky appears to alternate “between shades of blue, green and flaming amber as the sun does its daily thing.”

Paradise Island

Families will certainly appreciate that anywhere in Koh Samui, there will be interesting things to do. The Thai music can be compelling and the dancing equally inviting. Even more intriguing is the local language that is easy to learn when one is really focused.

However, there are local and unique offerings that seem to affirm Samui is a must-have experience. Especially for kids, there is the fruit carving session that convinces tropical fruits are delicious and nutritious, and at the same time can inspire creativity on the young minds.

A Thai-only drink concoction, made of spring water, cinnamon, honey, lime juice, and pandenus (a local herb), called Wonderful Sky, instantly quenches and refreshes that the body is again pumped up to take on the lined up sports and other outdoor activities.

The options include playing tennis or better yet, exploring what’s beyond the seas through kayaking, sailing, paddle-boarding, and windsurfing. To be sure, there will be downtime while in Koh Samui but never a dull moment.

Foods Galore

And when the time comes to satisfy one’s cravings, know that in the island, which also applies in all of Thailand, “there are wonders produced in the kitchens.”

“All food is covered from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian or European cuisine,” The Daily Mail said.

Heaven In Koh Samui

For good measures, the accommodation in Tongsai Bay, and pretty much the rest of Koh Samui, is nothing short of luxurious. Imagine renting or owning a villa that has a supersized bathtub as among its pampering amenities, and the same is on a deck that serves as a sweeping window of the bay outside.

That would be heaven indeed, and the best part is the total expense only amounts to just half the cost of living the same extravagance elsewhere.

Impact Samui

A great example of this “heaven-on-earth” experience is the collection of Koh Samui properties developed by award-winning Impact Samui. The company boasts of developments that not only make optimal use of the immediate environment but also take good care of the surrounding communities.

The Ridge, for instance, is a precious gem for its “unrivalled views across the turquoise blue water of the Gulf of Siam to the nearby island Koh Phangan.”