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Koh Samui Fits The Perfect Holiday Island Escapade In Thailand, And Here’s Why

When the thought of a gorgeous island vacation in Southeast Asia suddenly pops up, Thailand easily comes to mind and in most cases the automatic option would be the beaches found in Phuket. Sure Phuket is great but Koh Samui, which by the way affords a commanding view of the breath-taking Gulf of Siam, stands in nearly equal terms, and perhaps in specific aspects even better.

The island, in fact Thailand’s second largest, is a slice of paradise and boasts of natural wonders in unlimited quantity. Think of untouched beaches, turquoise waters and vibrant sunsets – all can be had and enjoyed in Koh Samui, which pretty much makes the case that one will readily fall in love with the Thai holiday island that is widely regarded as among the finest eco-tourism destinations in the region.

Koh Samui, according to The Telegraph, is constantly reinventing itself. The island now stands as “Thailand’s most luxurious,” vacation spot and the publication’s bold declaration is underpinned by the reasons listed below:

Simply Irresistible

As stated, Koh Samui is brimming with the utmost beauty that nature has to offer. The beaches are just spectacular and add to that the turquoise coast lines that become even more enthralling thanks to the usually uninterrupted blast of sunlight during daytime. Visitors will find too that the locals are mostly welcoming and the friendliness – a trait the Thais are known for – will surely disarm and make one’s stay even more relaxing and pleasurable.

Best Vacation Experience

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Living the Koh Samui experience is made easier by the presence of renowned accommodation/hotel/resort brands in the area. Vacationers will get pampered in Ritz Carlton, Marriot’s W Koh Samui or Six Senses, and no matter the choice of lodging it is certain that they will be served the finest of food and dining experiences.

It goes too without saying that the accommodation options mentioned above come packed with the most fabulous of styles and all the trappings of modern luxuries.

Holidaying In Private

In Koh Samui, the holiday menu also includes a generous serving of private enjoyment. “Some of the best places to stay right now are private villas, not resorts,” per The Telegraph report, adding that going incognito is bundled with the benefit of booking treasure finds such as a secluded villa having “white-walled glass pavilions with infinity pools.”

Best Bang For The Buck

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The island of Koh Samui has gradually acquired a cosmopolitan identity as it attracts visitors from all walks of life. The inflow of budget travellers and ready-spenders is in nearly equal levels, and one will never be out of place because Koh Samui has everything for everyone.

Lodgings can come in the form of a beachside bungalow that is downright cheap or a swanky hotel and resort spaces that command a rate of couple hundreds of dollars per night. Similarly, one can get a satisfying meal in the island for a few dollars or opt for a gastronomic treat that naturally will burn a hole on the pocket.

The bottom line when living the Koh Samui life is it gives the best bang for the buck, The Telegraph reported.

Fully Accessible

Flying in to Bangkok en route to Koh Samui will cost around $700 coming from the UK on a round-trip ticket. From the Thai capital, the airfare is about $130 so the entire cost of the trip can be labelled as affordable for many. In most cases, this applies for a well-planned holiday trip in which travel and accommodation bookings are made in advance.

Going in and around the island is likewise not a problem. The plane ride from Bangkok is about an hour and jumping from Koh Samui spot to another is a breeze thanks to the cab fare.

Investment Opportunity

In the same report, The Telegraph said Koh Samui is a picture of a booming economy as “developers continue to launch resorts.”

On this, ALFA Investors is in full agreement, indicating that the paradise island represents “a lucrative investment opportunity in both the residential and resort property sectors.”