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Niseko Ushers In Autumn, Prepares For Long Winter As First Snowfall Spotted On Mt. Yotei

Niseko Welcomes Autumn Season | Photo Credit: Niseko United

There is no denying winter will descend on Niseko real soon – the long cold season signalled by the creeping autumn, the faint chilly breeze blowing from up north and the first snowfall seen on the majestic Mt. Yotei. It’s just a matter of time and Green Niseko will gradually fade out from the scene, making way for the powdery white blanket of snow to cover the popular ski resort town.

Fact is the autumn holiday in Niseko is ready to explode, Niseko United reported, indicating too that summer in this part of the world is practically over. October in Niseko officially marks the end of the hot season but it only means the outdoor setting will welcome a new set of colours. The fun remains the same.

The Great Niseko Autumn

Green will be out and in its stead will be a kaleidoscope display of equally vibrant hues, imitating the spunky spirit that the summer radiates.

“The countryside everywhere you look explodes into a vibrant patchwork of reds, pinks, browns and yellows. Rivers, streams, lakes and ponds reflect the surrounding scenes,” the same report teased to highlight how spectacular autumn in Niseko will be.

The changes will become even more apparent in the coming days and weeks. From the mountains, the near freezing temperature will slowly come down to blow away the remaining traces of summer. Yet Niseko will stay enchanting as ever as visitors will find that when autumn is in full effect, there will be immeasurable moments worthy to share on Instagram.

As the report stressed, “autumn (in Niseko) has its own charms, making it a great time to plan a pre-winter getaway.”

Winter Is Coming Soon

Mt. Yotei's First Snowfall | Phote Credit: 360 Niseko

The Niseko vegetation altering in colour and the eventual falling of the leaves likewise indicate the rolling in of the long, cold winter, possibly to match the stretch seen the past season. As autumn reaches its peak this October it seemed inevitable that the first snowfall will hit the area, reportedly spotted at the top of Mt. Yotei last week.

It was the real deal, claimed 360 Niseko on its blog report. The signs pointing to the initial snowfall were sighted Friday last week, the report indicated, adding the snow-dusting of Mt. Yotei’s summit came following its frosting in late September.

“It is hard to say how much snow has accumulated but from what we can tell from the images it looks like snow,” the report further stated.

Around Niseko, and the same can be said of Hokkaido in general, the temperature steadily drops, strongly indicating that winter is just about to march in. In due time, likely in the next few weeks, the next snowfall will drop right on Mt. Annupuri.

That could only mean “the white world is slowly descending on Niseko,” according to 360 Niseko.