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The Plantation Luxury Villas Sneak Peek: ALFA Unveils 3D Aerial View Of Premium Property In Galle, Sri Lanka

The preview has arrived – that is the first cut of The Plantation Luxury Villas 3D aerial view that provides a stunning glimpse of the premium property in Galle, Sri Lanka when completed. The short clip offers a bird’s eye view of how things will shape up for The Plantation, which will be set in the middle of the Sri Lankan countryside and its surrounding wildlife.

According to Jo Lodder, Managing Director for ALFA Investors, the release of The Plantation sneak peek will only serve as the first stage. The property developer Dale Rennie is expected to issue improved versions of the flyby clip in the coming months but it’s already clear in the initial release that the development project will be nothing short of gorgeous.

Lodder described the “first stage of the fly through … as simply amazing,” indicating too that the final cut when it goes live real soon will surely capture how The Plantation is envisioned by its creators.

And among these creative minds is Sabrina Rennie, wife to Rennie and also the property project’s creative head. In a Facebook post, Sabrina shared the 46-second video that she said will highlight luxurious and inspirational living in the southern part of Sri Lanka.

The Plantation Update

The project has already broken ground in Galle and earlier this year, ALFA and Rennie held a successful launch in Central Hong Kong. The event attracted scores of prospective buyers who took the time to get to know what The Plantation is all about.

The property is set on 3.5-acres of prime Galle property on a small mountain next to a protected mangrove region with stunning views over lush green paddy fields. Buying into The Plantation Luxury Villas, Rennie said, will also mean becoming “part of a unique community focussed on living well.”

It will be like owning a piece of a green paradise with a starting price of only $225,000, and according to Lodder the project is down to the last remaining villas. During the launch event last June, the ALFA MD confirmed “50 percent of the project has been sold.”

“Guests were made aware of the huge potentials not only of the project but also of Sri Lanka. The event generated a great deal of excitement and interest from the attendees that ALFA expects sales to pick up further,” said Lodder.