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Here Are The Reasons Why It’s Perfect To Invest On Niseko Now

The boom happening in Niseko is proving to have taken on a sustainable path as evidenced by the steady inflow of investments. Both in tourism and property sectors, exploding signs of growth have been observed that the ski resort is now well-positioned as a year-round holiday destination in Asia.

According to Alpine Property Search, Hokkaido, where Niseko is located, is witnessing “a broad-based tourism and investment boom not seen before.” It’s quite obvious that investors are energised by the rosy prospects radiated by Niseko and the surrounding areas, the high level of confidence indicated by the growing presence of premium properties that came with 5-star labels.

Among the high-end hotel brands making their active play at Niseko are Park Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and Hilton, and these names deep in the centre of the action further supported the projections from analysts – that Niseko is far from ending up a short-lived gem. All indications tell these players are in for the long-haul.

Big investors are convinced the Hokkaido city, which boasts of the mountains and alpine forests as backdrop for that absolute skiing experience, promises distinct opportunities. And in due time, Niseko will be a thriving spot that will draw in visitors by the millions and flowing in from around the world.

Solid Investment Move

The Hilton Niseko Village | Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Hilton, for instance, provided the early growth engine that Niseko required. In 2008, the company started the operations of its 506-room luxury hotel in the ski resort and made the statement that the area is ripe for long-term investment.

The company reiterated on its earlier position that with the use of well-thought business plan, Niseko possesses that great potential to soon morph into tourism destination that offers year-round attraction.

On the part of property developers, Niseko is the perfect place to build luxury residences and condominiums in the years ahead. They are banking on the area’s premium real estate status that will duly deliver on investment returns.

“There has been an explosion of investment into Niseko as developers take advantage of the small amount of land that is available,” per the same report.

Perfect Niseko

Skiing Holiday @ Niseko | Photo Credit: Alpine Property Research

The key to Niseko’s ongoing success is dictated by geography. Since Hokkaido is directly on the route of the chilling Siberian wind-flow, the resort town regularly becomes the natural bowl of metres-deep powdery snow known locally as japow. Such as white landscape is in effect in Niseko for a stretch of up to six months, starting in November, thus providing the opportune time for glorious winter holiday moments.

As mentioned in the report cited above, “the snowfall and the geography are what make Niseko a fabulous, long season skiing mecca,” which in recent years proved irresistible for visitors flying in massive numbers from Australia, many parts of Asia and the rest of the world.