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Sri Lanka’s The Plantation Pool Villas Nearly Half-Sold Ahead Of June 2018 Launch

As it approaches completion, The Plantation Pool Villas Estate in Sri Lanka appears to be already capturing the imagination of buyers, per the latest word from award-winning resort developer Dale Rennie. He reported that the luxury project is now 40 percent sold. In partnership with ALFA Investors, Rennie is set to launch The Plantation in Hong Kong on June 7.

“The Plantation is already 40% sold and the whole concept such as the meditation and yoga courses is resonating to buyers,” the Australian-born developer said.

Perfectly set on a premium hilltop property in Galle, Sri Lanka, where the UNESCO World Heritage site The Galle Fort is found, The Plantation will consist of gorgeously designed 16 pool villas that will make use of the green surroundings – the mountain landscape, protected mangrove and lush paddy fields – as a stunning backdrop.

According to ALFA Marketing Director Jo Lodder, the 3.5-acre first-rate property will commence operations in 2019. However, The Plantation Villas are already available and ready to buy starting at $189,000.

Perfect Investment

It’s easy to see why The Plantation is becoming a strong investment magnet this early. For one, prospective buyers are assured of solid security as the package includes a 99-year lease with a secured property title. In addition, the completed sale comes with a 7 percent net yield on the investment, fully guaranteed.

Likewise, there is an easy exit option packed with the deal: “We offer buy-back at 12.5 percent premium to purchase price after five years or list via 360 Properties at your nominated price,” Rennie explained.

It should be noted that 360 Properties will be the management team that will take charge of The Plantation’s day-to-day operations.

Topping the generous investment bundle that The Plantation is the yearly usage access automatically extended to villa owners and their guests – the luxurious pampering and accommodation will last 30 days.

Now the fact that The Plantation is in Sri Lanka only serves as another indicator of good investment move when buying on the project, Rennie stressed.

“We are excited with everything about Sri Lanka. The country is on the cusp of an incredible explosion in tourism,” the developer said.

Green Living

Most importantly, investing on The Plantation will afford a unique lifestyle that is lavish but equally sensitive to the environment.

“The Plantation aims to be one of the leaders of environmental consciousness in Sri Lanka … Investing in The Plantation aligns you with a way-of-life… Conscious and healthy living … We aim to be one of the best villas in Sri Lanka focussed on wellness and green living,” the project developer said.

To underscore this vision, The Plantation was designed by Sri Lankan architect Manjula Kalhara, whose works are known to mostly reflect the latest in green and luxe living.