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Tambuli Seaside Living Nears Completion In Cebu, Teases Fresh Concept Of Condo Lifestyle

Cebu will soon expand its premium residential units to welcome visitors flocking to the popular Philippine province, also considered as the country’s second metropolis, with the beachfront development Tambuli Seaside Living inching closer to completion. The project is also advertised by developers as a solid investment vehicle.

The latest word from Tytans Properties & Development indicated that Tower C and D of Tambuli Seaside Living are set for turnover later in the year. Tower C will be ready by December 2019 while Tower D is scheduled to be turned over in December 2020, the update from the developer stated.

Earlier, the first two towers, A and B, have been completed with Tytans claiming that units for both buildings were sold out even prior to their actual availability. Nearly the same applies for Tower C, which the developer said is running out of available units, fast.

Tambuli Seaside proved to be a big draw from the moment it was introduced, and largely due to its architectural design that took its cue from its immediate environments. Considered as among the key advantages are the powdery white sand and pristine blue water readily accessible from the property, the natural treat just 200 metres away from the façade.

Mix-use Development Project

Tambuli Seaside Living is being constructed on an 11-hectare in Mactan Island, Cebu. The project blueprint indicates there will be six buildings for phase one and a total of 1200 units will be made available to buyers and investors. There was a plan by the developers to add five more towers in the future but the focus, for now, is accelerate the completion of the original residential towers.

When completed, Tambuli residents and guests are bound to likewise enjoy the project’s 4-hectare amenity area, which will include a 5000-sqm clubhouse, a pool and a strip mall.

According to Tytans, Tambuli Seaside Living is best described “as modern tropical, with wide open spaces allowing for breezy comings and goings.”

But more importantly, the project is marketed too as “an investment destination, a second home, and a retirement place.”

One way to realise an investment return is through what the developers called as condotel concept, in which the property will be managed and offered for leasing that would generate income for unit owners, and a fraction of which can be used to cover for monthly dues.

Tambuli Seaside Living – Status Update

Tytans said Tambuli is en route to completion and confirmed that Tower C of the project will be likely to finish and units in the building set for turnover, this coming December 2019.  Tower D is next in line for actual turnover to buyers.

For sneak peeks of the project developments so far, please check out below the latest pictures depicting the luxurious Tambuli Seaside Living: