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Tambuli Seaside Living Residential Resort in Cebu, Philippines Nears Completion

The first two towers of the Tambuli Seaside Living residential resort in Cebu, Philippines are nearly complete, according to the latest update provided by the project developer, adding that as of June 2017 the construction progress was more than 76 percent finished. In addition, the project clubhouse was reported to be over 80 percent complete.

Tytans Properties Development, Inc. has indicated that Towers A and B of the Tambuli resort will see completion real soon and the project is on schedule to turn over the initial batch of 256 units to homeowners. It was reported likewise that construction of the third tower is already underway, indicating that the project is in full swing. Tytans Properties has envisioned the building of 11 towers for the 11-hectare Tambuli property that will include the sprawling 7000-meter clubhouse.

Other amenities planned for Tambuli include a winding lagoon pool that will span some 2000 square meters and a commercial strip by the seaside that Tytans Properties said will have restaurants and specialty shops.

Project in full swing

Tambuli Seaside Living, according to Tytans Properties, will consist of six towers with a total of 1200 units for Phase 1 of the project. The developer also reported that all available units for Towers A and B have been sold out while units for the three towers to be constructed in the first phase are already running out.

It was understood that most homeowners, said to be Filipino migrant workers from Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, were looking to lease out their units.

Harmony with nature

Tytans Properties designed the Tambuli Seaside Living to be in synch with nature. For the entire duration of the project, more than 1000 trees on the site will be left untouched. Tambuli while rising will make way for the 30 to 40 species variety inside the property.

The Tambuli clubhouse, for instance, will include trees on its overall interior and the same will line up the site’s lagoon pool (as shown in the images below). It is expected that the nature-centric design approach will be sustained for Phase 2 of the Tambuli Seaside Living, which will see the construction of five towers.