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Thailand, Indonesia Make The Cut of 2018 World’s Best Beaches: Check Out The List

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Where in the world are the best beaches can be found? According to beach experts from Germany, these stunning seashores are scattered all over the world – from Asia, the Americas, Australia and Europe. However, four gorgeous coastlines are located right in Southeast Asia and credit goes to the natural wonders of Thailand and Indonesia.

Three Thai beaches and one from Indonesia were listed as part of the elite circle, dubbed by as the 2018 WOW Beach Awards. The four short-listed Asian shores were part of the 1500 beaches that the Berlin-based group had visited and studied in the past three years, The Daily Mail reported.

The winners have been picked using a set of standardised procedures, which the German group said include “more than 120 pieces of data at the beach and take over 100 photos,” all dutifully collected on site. That means beach inspectors have been deployed as part of the meticulous process of putting together the prestigious list.

“The beach testers spend one to two days digitalising and evaluating each beach and spend many hours there to gather as much information as possible for the various target groups,” the beach experts revealed.

Among the things scrutinised by the inspectors are the quality of water and the extent of developments carried by the country authorities. The latter concern is mostly on the accessibility of the place and the sanitary facilities. Of utmost consideration too is the beaches’ child-friendly features, a key factor that checks on the general environment that is deemed welcoming to families with kids in tow.

So it proved that the winning Thai and Indonesian beaches cleared the required examinations conducted by the experts with flying colours. Get to know them by checking the list below:

Semeti Beach (Lombok, Indonesia)

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Unspoiled thus generally unknown is the main appeal that can be attributed to this remote Indonesian sanctuary. The inspectors said Semeti is “a complete natural jewel,” that takes pride of its untouched natural landscape features.

Since the spot remains out of the radar, visitors can revel at the thought of seeing “no beach chairs, sunshades or souvenir vendors,” during their stop.

Koh Nang Yuan Beach (Koh Tao, Thailand)

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Koh Nang Yuan is composed of three islands with the turquoise blue water surrounding everything. Two sandbanks break the natural separation that helps tourists to explore. One breath-taking experience is ascending to the peak of the highest island and marvel at the sweet and seemingly infinite horizon afforded by the panoramic vista.

As the inspectors put it: “In Koh Nang Yuan Beach, nature has created a postcard motif par excellence.”

Nui Beach (Koh Phi Phi, Thailand)

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From Koh Phi Phi, the adventure will begin by taking a small boat to reach Nui. The journey is quick and easy but what will be hard is the way back. Not that it will be a perilous return trip – the hard part is to convince oneself to take leave.

“Leaving behind the untouched beauty of this little treasure is more difficult,” per the experts’ assessment.

Pai Plong Beach (Ruffian, Thailand)

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Admiring Pai Plong from the water, one will get the sense of approaching an island jungle. The beach is set against a wall of steep rocks that in most cases are covered rich vegetation.

Spectacular best describes the experience of actually seeing and feeling what Pai Plong Beach is all about.