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Top 6 Reasons Niseko Is A Compelling Holiday Destination Even In Springtime

In Japan, springtime is ushering in and there will be more sunny days ahead, and with the new season loads of fun surely awaits holidaymakers, especially for those heading to Niseko ski resort. In March alone, festivals and events are tipped to fill the calendar of activities that should only prove the claim Niseko is fast becoming an all-year vacation destination.

So even when the thick blanket of snow, which is among Niseko’s winter attractions, will gradually trim down the ski town will remain a must-visit. And below are the top reasons the Japanese town is worth to be listed as a holiday option in spring.

Fun-Filled Offerings

As mentioned, Niseko will be hosting a series of festivals and events that will keep the fun going coming from the winter holiday. In fact, the activities have already started but holidaymakers can still catch up as tourism site NISADE reported that on the 24th and 25th of the month visitors will be regaled with the Spring Fireworks and Hanazono Slope Style festivities, all geared for the whole family to enjoy.

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By the end of March, Niseko will stage its short film festival dubbed as Phenomena, which is an inaugural event to celebrate the Niseko community’s unique culture and environment through the optics of talented movie makers.

Majestic Mt. Yotei

Normally, the greater part of winter sees Mt. Yotei shrouded by snow clouds but with the onset of spring the sun will make its presence felt on a more constant basis. That will mean the mountain’s covering will dissipate and tourists will have a clearer of its majestic glory, which no doubt is a sight to behold.

Skiing Under The Sun

Yes, spring will still afford generous amounts of skiing hours and the clearer sky will only deliver a more favourable condition for the sport. It will be easier and more fun with the bonus of capturing a good selfie that has the Mt. Yotei as a backdrop, all thanks to the incredible springtime on Niseko.

White Water Rafting

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Equally pulsating is water rafting that during spring in Niseko has become a popular outdoor activity, even preferred by many tourists as alternative to skiing. It’s easy to understand why as rafting comes in nearly the same package that promises a heart-racing experience.

Crowded No More

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And it goes without saying that with Christmas and Chinese New Year have come to pass, the bulk of holiday celebrators have already gone home. This indicates that spring in Niseko will be less busy and there will be more space and time to enjoy what the ski town has to offer, perhaps bask under the sun while lying on its powdery snow.

Cheaper Niseko Accommodations

As the peak winter season is over, it seems automatic that Niseko will recalibrate its accommodation rates, mostly heading to the more affordable levels. This is true for many if not all accommodation spots in the town, which includes the Snow Dog Village. The property “is designed for optimal experience of the ski slopes of Mt. Yotei … beautifully blended with Niseko’s alpine forest … and built with quality, style and affordability in mind.”

For tourists looking to experience Niseko during springtime, the savings in accommodation alone will be up to 30 percent off from the original rates.