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Top-notch Scottish Chef Jamie Wakeford Cooks Up Tasty Innovation In Bangkok

Photo Credit: OLTA Facebook Page

The lively Bangkok dining scene became even more exciting with the recent entry of Scottish Chef Jamie Wakeford via the OLTA Restaurant & Bar, which opened its doors this February. Located in the Suan Phlu neighbourhood, OLTA is touted to serve up classic dishes that were made tastier with the use of locally-sourced ingredients.

In setting up OLTA, Wakeford is expected to impress even the most discriminating of cosmopolitan diners the same way he did with the Bampot Kitchen & Bar, which the chef founded in 2013 and remains a gem in Phuket’s cuisine landscape.

Wakeford used Bampot as a platform to explore the best of Thailand’s ingredients, and whip up a magical combo of tasty and textured servings that customers and critics alike thumbed up as balanced dishes. The same effect is expected to be seen with OLTA, which now counts as Wakeford’s second kitchen venture as a solo culinary artist.

The Man Running The Kitchen

The man behind OLTA was described as the kitchen captain unafraid to try out new things. “Jamie Wakeford … is a talented experimenter whose minimalistic approach focuses on developing the flavour of each and every ingredient in a particular dish,” The Phuket News reported.

Photo Credit: OLTA Facebook Page

It’s not unusual for the Michelin-trained Wakeford to showcase how he works before fascinated customers if only to allow a glimpse of the “creative cooking process,” in putting together a fantastic meal, the report added.

And in most, if not all cases, the celebrated chef never fails to impress. One OLTA diner praised the resto for creating “food that is fresh and original,” with cocktails on the side.

Wakeford and his OLTA team were likewise commended for making use of local ingredients and cooking techniques that resulted in a delicately prepared menu, complemented too by great choices of food and drinks.

Recipe For Success

The OLTA Restaurant & Bar in Bangkok is operating bearing the recognisable signature of a British dining place, and understandably so as Chef Wakeford first honed his kitchen skills in the UK before moving on to parts of Europe and Asia, and eventually going solo.

As the name implies, the OLTA setting will include an inviting bar – certainly an element that will make it easier for Wakeford’s latest venture to find success.